July 17, 2015

summer dinner and more

it just so happened, i was not planning it ahead or even thinking about it, but elias was the only one home with me, last night. we took the opportunity and went out for dinner. the choice was easy, as both of us like the food served at tibits...
it was a lovely evening, into town with the bike and meeting up with him, i did want to stroll around the city for a bit, but the boy was hungry. well so be it then. it really is not often, that we go out for meals, and even less doing it with just one of the kids. and when it happens it's great. the opportunity to interact with just one person over a meal is by far one of my favorite times.
this time we both got a great choice of a drink, i got a cold beer infused with elderflower syrup and he got some kind of wonderfully refreshing citrus fruit drink. there was really not more we desired.
before we headed home, we quickly stopped by the restessbar fridge, and unexpectedly found 2 crates of cherries. of course they came home with us and late yesterday night i made 1.5kg cherries-lime-mint jam. i have never heard of this mixture, but figured it sounded refreshing. especially as it has been really hot and will be for a few more days, making a summer kind of jam was just the right thing to do.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Sounds like the perfect dinner!! I hope you're enjoying your summer. It's been hot here in New York as well. The humidity these last couple of days has been terrible. I guess that's no surprise when you live in New York!! : ) Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!! xo

~ Wendy