July 31, 2015

all the goodness

my dear love has been visiting boston, he has brought me a big load of books and presents, a cornucopia of greetings, hugs and lots of love!

he is still home sick...
even though a week has past upon his arrival at home, every day we talk about memories and friends and yes we talk about traveling. no, we will not board an airplane tomorrow or within the next couple months, but eventually we will be flying to the new world again, all together the whole gang of six. we will be visiting friends and places we love, lots of memories will come alive again. though for the moment being it's just wishful thinking and savoring all of it.

thank you, all my dear friends, for hosting joel and still taking well care of naomi. i do miss my girl, it's three weeks now and it will be an other 9 days! but so far, i'm super content and happy for her. when ever i hear or skyp with her, she seems fine. and you know what, she will bring home some more treasures!

well, the books are already on our night stands and in the kitchen, the living room and with me when i leave the house, so far "the pilgrims regress" by J.R. Tolkien is what i'm absolutely enjoying best.
the hot sauce is the boys regular on the table for the last few days and joel got me something very special, he has figured out my taste, it looks like. he got me a "chocolate salt oat" from kayak cookies, super tasty, what a perfect Joice.

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