August 3, 2015

delicious chicken and more

we had chicken thighs in our fridge which needed to be prepared for consumption. my usual go in the summer would be grilling in the garden. the weather didn't look to impressive, so i decided that we needed not to worry and prepared it in a casserole. it was inspired by some south american flavors, corn, tomatoes parsley and then came a few middle eastern spices mixed in. this has become a pattern in my kitchen, i use a lot of cumin (kreuzkümmel), as it liked by all and is a good digestion helper.

as my brother in law and family was visiting, there was of course lots of emphasis on comfort food and delicious drinks, this time we served different kinds of local beer. there are a few options from winterthur and some near by breweries. first of all the "chopfab", "stadtguet" as well as a hopfen bier from a few miles north of the city.

it is those little special things, which are easy to add to a common meal, and it makes it special. sitting together with friends or with family is definitely a favorite of mine, i have to say a favorite time spend of ours. it's so easy to just be and share what we have with who ever is visiting. even a meal with a stranger is a wonderful thing, having guests at our house which we don't know yet is great too. of course some times we are a bit hesitant, as the kids, especially the older two enjoy the well known people to sit down together, but more than not, both of them take to the liking and get involved into a conversation. sharing life has made us rich, it adds a wonderful flavor, or should i say spice into our every day life.


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