August 21, 2015

end of summer :: excitement

summer reading celebration in the city is one more sign, that summer is over. as you can see, it was already cooler. of course last week we still had temperatures in the high eighties and a drop into the sixties is kind of a chock. no wonder we got our fleece jackets and sneakers out.
we enjoyed the summer reading challenge, for 30 days each day 20 minutes of reading. thea was absolutely into it and has gained a lot of confidence in her english reading skill. the big kids read a lot anyway, so for them the challenge was, to bring the form to the library on time by the end of summer...

as the summer was hot and great and we loved it, the past wednesday was wet and cold. good thing it did't rain when we went out to listen to the different bands, picked up the t-shirt and a free drink for all the participants. doing all this with friends was of course fun. thea was so happy to see her friend and the two of them got a really nice spot to see the happenings on stage. i didn't mind, it's so super crowded and not my kind of event, lots of screaming kids, so i was glad the girls liked it and had a blast. yes, that is one part of parenting, which i would not have understood if i weren't one. one starts doing things which are really not at all what one personally likes or enjoys but for and with the kids, it can still be tiny bit of exciting at least the aspect of watching the kids and observing their excitement!

my reward, meeting a few friends (not just the kids friends..), having a personal conversation amidst the crowd of kids, two tired girls falling into bed and asleep right away.
uups and i forgot, of course naomi as well as amos won a book prize (not the main prize, a bike or box of comics....)

on the other hand, while the kids were all reading, of course i picked up a book here and there too. c.s.lewis' the pilgrims regress, sewing modkidstyle by patty young, feeding the whole family by cynthia lair, and some more...

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

It always amazes me how quickly we transition from one season to the next. Sometimes it seems like it takes forever but then suddenly it's here. The days get shorter, the nights get colder and the clouds get lower. It's still very much summer here but the kids go back to school next week and that's definitely a very big step toward the direction of fall. : ) Have a beautiful week!! xo

~ Wendy