August 19, 2015

the first week

our first grader, she started this monday and loves it. of course she could almost not wait anymore for the magic day to come. waking up and getting ready was quick and we enjoyed our breakfast, around the table all of us together at 6:30am...
of course we were all nervous with her, and elias too started at a new school, new friends, new teachers, new everything. it's a week of new moments and we have started well into all the new of this week.

the first home work... it's fun to watch her being all eager to get the work done quickly and exactly, as the teacher said. i love to watch her and as you might see, a very cool was to teach the 1st graders the letters, a super cool method called "kybernetic", which i'm looking forward to see her progress into fluent reading and writing.

and for me, there are many changes to my routine, summer brake is over and the days are all quite structured again. it is alright, though i absolutely liked the summer weeks with a bit more ease to start the days. a very new thing too, elias is home for lunch, he has not been for the past three school years, this is a very different feel, but we enjoy it, and will get used to a bit more teen-talk and teen-emotion around the lunch table. (the past year was just thea, naomi and mee)
one thing we are still in the process of figuring out, naoim is looking into playing soccer...
well that's a summer-vacation afterburner, as she has been at soccer camp for a whole week with her friends, while in boston. we will take it step by step and not hurry into anything.

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