August 31, 2015

hiking säntis

it has been a long wished dream, and it was on joel's "bucket list", to hike säntis. there is an easy tour up, via tierwes, though that one is used by most people and on our morning, we already met a group of 15 people going up there. that made our decision a quick one, we switched over to the chammerhalde - gierenspitz route. joel was well prepared and knowing, that it was really not a long hike, just super more of a climb (1200m within 4km), was energizing me. a great morning, warm and at it's best for a late august day. we were glad for the early start, and because of the early morning, we were able to climb up, mostly in the shade, perfect.

 a few challenging parts, though we both liked them and it was fun to be on the mountain. no ropes or any other gear was really needed, but definitely a sure foot and no angst of hight. we loved it and enjoyed each moment.
we wanted to take the older kids along, though they were not up for an early rise. well too bad for them, missing out on this route. maybe we will go again...
a wonderful ibex near by (15 yards) was posing for us, just gorgeous. and then of course the few up there all around, looking and loving it!

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