August 26, 2015

lush and red :: late summer

it is that tie of year, and i absolutely love it, when my own tomatoes are ripening and the cucumbers are local, the basil is from my own plants. well the feta is a greek import and so is the olive oil, the vinegar from italy and the salt is from switzerland, i still have a bit of that special salt from bex near lake geneva, which joel and amos brought home last summer.
with the lush late summer colors comes the pot holder, it's not done yet, but the red binding is lovely and it's from my stash. there is not a better color and destashing is a wonderful thing to do. there will be opportunities coming up to hand this wonderful late summer work into a friends hand, or on my own dinner table, who knows!

the 9 square quilt has a back and is sandwiched, i'm in the middle of quilting. it's going to be simple and quick, not fancy at all. maybe if i finally get a big time window, there will be a some detail work added, but it's not a given. as soon as the weather cools down, thea needs her big size 9square, so no dappling around on my part.

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