August 13, 2015

the foxtrap

the fox was visiting once more. and got paula...
it is  couple weeks back, and it was not easy on all of us, it was my fault that she is gone. i was not paying attention and left the shutter open to the chicken coop. i didn't even hear it in the middle of the night, though joel did and one of our neighbors even got up and checked the coop, but of course too late!

and in then, the other day some folks took action and built a fox trap. i know by now, that if the fox find a food source, she is doing her rounds regularly. there is not one day of missing to close the shutter at the coop, without being noticed by her. too late for paula (her sisters were taken in may, around noon time of a rainy tuesday).
of course the meet was gone from the trap, the next morning, though no fox in the trap. never mind, seriously, what would i have done if the misses fox would have been sitting in the trap that morning? probably called the ranger...

i just got around to clean the coop this week and i'm calling the chicken breeder, we are missing the birds in our backyard. and i will make sure, the shutter gets locked every night!

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