August 24, 2015

destashing with puddle duck

 it's a leaser sunday afternoon, the sun is out, but it's not hot anymore. it's just the right time to start knitting autumn tops for thea. this is the puddle duck pattern, i use cotton and #5. as it is growing, i feel like it will fit just nicely, though the arms will have to be longer, as thea dislikes the 2/3 lengths.
it makes me happy to knit with those bold and lush colors, using up stash...
that is, why it's striped, the pattern would call for just one color. and i'm aware that it would look great and that middle stitch would be even nicer when just working in one color. sometimes i have to adjust and give in to "eliminating" instead of accumulating.
the best thing with this pattern, there will be pockets, not just planned but they are already started, and for that i knit in light green down to the bottom. lots of fun, and quick!

our hippi is looking good, isn't she!

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