August 12, 2015

klaräpfel and more gardening

we got the yearly phone call: "please come and get the apples, the klarapples are ripe", of course we went to pick them. amos was excited and we went together. it was not just picking apples, but we also went to the garden coop, where we get our share each week. the work at the veggie farm was great, lots of pulling weeds. i liked it and it was super rewarding, after three hours all the leeks were feeling free and ready to make an other growth spurt! at least that's how i looked at it. amos was staying with it for 1.5h and then got a new job.
he got to get all the trays ready for transplanting little seedlings. that was definitely the more liked work for him. we love to go and work with the people at the gmüesabo, katharina is such a gifted gardener and the little morning brake with coffee, herb tea, home made bread and butter was exactly what made our day.

by now, the apples are cooked into applesauce and neatly stored in the basement.

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