July 15, 2015

playing together

it was a wonderful occasion to play together, my dad's birthday!
visiting and making music for other people is something, thea really enjoys. though she is still somewhat shy, together with me we were doing fine. my dad, of course like it a lot. a mid afternoon mini serenade on their balcony was just ok, not too hot, as the weather here is so wonderful. it's those little moments which stick with me, which make all the tedious hours of practicing worth while. and to my joy, thea showed up this morning, right after breakfast: "mama i want to play, happy birthday again", of course we will play it, over and over again, until her fingers know it on their own.
all that muscle memory is being jogged every day and it is not that easy every day, as it came to her this morning. but it is still one of my convictions, to start training early, listening, singing and making music. it really doesn't matter what instrument, as long as those little fingers and ears have the opportunity to do something and get better at it while playing and having fun.
thank you bekka for getting our family started, many many years ago.

and as i write this, naomi and joel are attending the catskills irish arts week in east durham. i'm looking forward to hear from them, as they are attending workshops and sessions and are living music.

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