September 1, 2011

living the life

yes school is already old again (we started 10 days ago), kids love it and had no trouble to adjust their schedule. i'm very glad and thankful for this. naomi is recovering quickly from a bad fall yesterday. (she fell from a hammock and hit her head hard ending up with a light concussion). it's not easy though for her, to lay down and rest. there was nothing else she was allowed to do, so she had to give in and take it easy and was not allowed to go to school for today...

it has become kind of a habit, at least i think it so, or maybe it just feels so...
sitting down when thea takes a little nap and the kids are back in school for the afternoon, that i sit down and enjoy a little dessert and a few lines of the book i'm actually trying to read to the end.
it's good and makes me feel in control!

sometime dreams are coming true and i do sit there and farming is going on around me. in a little way at least, "citygardenfarming", it's good to stop and watch the kids play. o they need those play times soooo much

play times are important for me too.
i just could not resist buying 5lbs of green beans. so excited to see them in our grocery store, labeled very clearly, that they have been grown just within the 30km range! this is exciting as during the off season the green beans we i see in the grocery store, believe it or not they are imported from egypt! i took the opportunity and got a load in the freezer, there will be more of these greens go that way... (it is fun to "play" in the kitchen)

the temperatures came down a bit, that's so nice as bread baking is fun again not just heating up the kitchen even more.

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