December 5, 2011

2nd of advent

a sunday afternoon with christmas cookie baking, and celebrating advent. the kids are loving this time of year as much as i do. we all are wrapped up in secret crafting and preparations for little surprises. a sunday afternoon sitting around the kitchen table and creating lots of yummy goodies. yesterday we made two kinds of cookies and of course drank some more hot coco...

lots of making and of course cookie dough is meant to be eaten... at least thea was feeling very much at liberty to do so.

the very unusual, dark rose cookie. to retain that colour i use the powder from sandalwood. it's not just the colour, also  the shape of a cloude is not that common. though for me very meaningful, some kind of a bond with my mother. she was very involved with a charitable womans group called the "thurgauischer gemeinnuetziger frauenverein", if you click on the link the "cloud" how i see it is to be found in their logo. the cookie cutter was done by them many decades ago. i love it and since my mom made those sandel cookies and i kept baking them too, we use that same cloud-cutter.

amos was wishing for the planta herzli, though i felt heart shaped cookies are a bit boring. we found two little people cutters, a girl and a boy and of course he was all happy about this. such a people person our middle boy, he did all the glazing himself, after doing lots of cutting together with naomi and joel.

as we did the first of advent, we repeated, hot coco and a yummy slice of "christstollen"  ours had a marzipan core. sitting around the fire in our garden, what better could happen, we love advent and the warmth that comes with it. the expectation and hope to celebrate the birth of our savior jesus christ.

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