December 14, 2011

lots of sweets in our kitchen

there were lots of walnuts in our saint nicholas bags... what better to do as to open all of them and eat as much as you like and then get the rest made into a very delicious christmas cookie. that's exactly what we did this afternoon.
they are called "baumnuss busserl" (walnut smooch) a very cute name for a cookie. and of course it tastes wonderful, all of us, except elias, he would not even look at it.

instead of fretting over cookies he "couldn't eat" elias started his own. melting chocolate and a bit butter in a hot water bath, add some vanilla sugar and a good mount of cornflakes and mix very gently. super easy, to make those yummy treats, just make little mounts on a parchment paper. it was fun to watch him and give him the little hint to not overheat the chocolate...
there were so many times i made those cornflake crisps and the chocolate got to hot and of course it got all crummy and the result looked awful or didn't even make it cover the flakes. he did well and the sheets are now in the cellar to do "cool and dry out". i'm glad he got the opportunity to get to work in the kitchen, as his time is definitely scarce when it comes to baking.

i could not keep this shot from you, isn't she just cute our cookie monster...

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