December 22, 2011

it's turning into a coaster of sorts

naomi has been working on a craft we didn't really knew what it will end up being...
over the weekend she started colouring the valori wells fabric with fabric markers and added some simple stitching to it. i liked it a lot and of course she was all over it. today we took the free afternoon and spent some time brainstorming ideas what it could become. and here we go, sewing some heavy twill backings two of them to make it thick enough for a hot pot to sit on it on the table. then turn it and machine quilt it. first she wanted to just do one line at the outer end, then she really got into machine sewing and could not end until the whole pad was line-quilted.
it looks great and we both are certain, grandma will love it.

it didn't take long until big brother showed up and wanted to get to work with the machine too. fine, let's ramble and so he did, cutting fabric and picking thread to sew. before i could turn around he was in the middle of a project. i love those afternoons, they are not that frequent, as the kids are in school most days. christmas vacation is around the corner, two more days of school and there we are. this will give all of us some time to just be and do and follow our creative ideas. absolutely important and not to be dismissed if  you ask me.


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