December 21, 2011

the "skirtlet"

on one of my strolls through the city i stopped by a little corner store at steinberggasse "mymake" is it called and a hand full of local seamstresses and artists are selling their goods at this place. i love almost every single item in this store (it is not huge...) and have bought a hat for thea last winter, a paper chicken for my mom last spring and some other very nice items to wear.
as i stopped by in early october i saw this wonderful fabric, an old linen, red and white, i just loved it and since it didn't move out of my mind. i had to get hold of a piece of clothing made with this fabric. so then a couple weeks later stopping by again my yearning was being stilled by this "skirtlet". though as it was a bit too big, and i was just to leave town for two weeks i had to wait til early november to get the wonderful piece of clothing.
i'm so very happy wearing it and feel so very connected with my grandmothers (as it is about their style of dish towels as well as the age of the fabric). thank you mymake folks for making such unique and special garments.
it has been on my mind for a long time to do this post, though taking a photo of me wearing the garment has taken a long while, thank you joel for doing so.

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Alicia said...

Oh, I love it Daniela! It is so you. Is this the same store where I got my wonderful armwarmers? I was so happy the moment I found them and put them on earlier this fall, they are one of the best souvenirs I have ever bought on a trip. I am glad you treated yourself to this wonderful skirtlet.