December 12, 2011

the gift of her's

what a cool gift, going shopping with your godmother and not just to any old grocery store but to the coolest toy store in town...
it was not easy to pick something special, there was so much of interest to her. though after a long while, of course it had to be a doctors kit, and indeed it's a wonderful little suitcase with important tools and a real stethoscope!

of course there must be patients in the house. yes of course amos loves to be cured of all kinds of ailments. though he didn't just get his broken arm repaired, thea got hold of a syringe and 'sucked' him something or an other "out" of his belly, until the poor patent was screaming of pain. from that moment on it was not doctors naomi and thea but the consoling words of papa who helped him to get better.

more tangerines and sweets and peanuts and walnuts on the table,

and didn't we all enjoy those goodies with a cup of tea (or coffee) and having very involved discussions about the world, life and swiss politics. i love my extended family and a weekend with them is one of the best things happening to me. of course the kids played their own games and naomi's doctor gear got taken out uncountable times, not just by her, but together with her big brother and the 14 year old cousin. it was a pleasure to see the kids so involved in their pretend play as well as old games and sports competitions outdoors. it was a weekend full of energy and that was definitely needed on my end.
thank you ma and pa for hosting us all.

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crehan724 said...

I love the photo of Naomi all gowned and gloved up. =)