December 28, 2011

a short walk to the casturum

it was a wonderful visit at our friends house, delicious food, fun playtime, good conversations and a short walk to the castrum of irgenhausen at pfaeffikon.
we absolutely enjoy the few off days "in between", it's the perfect time to visit and being visited. being family and enjoy a leisurely morning, sleeping in and do what we want to do. though with some plans we could not totally forget the day and time we are living in.... which some moments this morning i absolutely would have wanted. but as soon as we walked into our friends house all the hustle bustle which we went through to get out of the house was forgotten and we just enjoyed the rest of the day.
we have never been at this particular roman ruin, and it turned out to be just the perfect afternoon to head out and enjoy it. o well i realized once more how beautiful my homeland is! again and again i'm at awe looking at the mountains. i will never get tired of seeing them, never ever wanting to forget the look at them from afar and thinking of hiking them in the summer once more.

i'm signing off from this space for the next five days. we are heading out to our community friends at communitaet don camillo, i'll b back on tuesday.

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