December 15, 2011

living life together

one of our house mates is leaving and of course we have to sit together once more and enjoy a delicious meal. m was cooking in her indonesian way, sticky rice, curried chicken, peanut sauce and papaya salad. preparing the salad was lots of work, as all the ingredients were put in a pestle and worked together, green beans, tomatoes, peanuts, green papaya (not fully ripened), garlic and spices. the decoration was plain and simple but very cute, little parchment paper bags with tea lights in the middle of the table.
the food was eaten only with the fingers. such a delight for all of us, so much fun and of course the kids were in the game no time.

living together with a bunch of people is fun and on those special evenings even more of a treat. thank all of you folks, being committed to live life together.
of course this is a happy peak into our kitchen, and i'm glad to let you in. there are other moments, when we have to work out differences, be it the laundry schedule, personal preferences or feelings being hurt. moments of pain and it seems so far fetched to go through those struggles, though more often then not, in the aftermath it's wonderful to see growth and peace and new horizons springing up.
all this is important and we do it as we believe it's our calling. and we are able to live life in community, knowing that we are able to love and forgive and enjoy community through christ.

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