November 22, 2012

a bit of thanksgiving

yup, it's the third year we are not celebrating thanksgiving anymore... why? o well we moved back to our homeland of switzerland and i just don't find the leisure and a good and fair turkey to put into the oven...
we do celebrate it in a tiny way, this year it's pumpkin pie for afternoon snack or late dinner, what ever suits the folks of the house best. i love the memories of thanksgiving dinners, as well as the cooking of,at our house or our friends house at greenstreet...
maybe some day i will be up for a full swing menue and big house full of family and friends to, as for now i keep the memory up front and savor those moment's, still.

fuer meine deutschsprachigen leserinnen, hier ist ein kleiner fakt zum schmunzeln, zum "truthantag" tag.

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