November 19, 2012

gingerbread all week long

there has been lots of ginger bread dough kneading going on over the course of the past week. lot's of excitement and many helping hands have been involved. a week a go, we were decorating little ginger bread houses at sunday school, as we have been working on the story of "the wise and the foolish builder".
we had two little houses left for my kids to decorate, amos, naomi and thea had so much fun with the house, and as soon as the decorating was done, one had to be brought over to our neighbors, as the girls felt very strongly that the girls next door would be so happy to look at and eat their decorated ginger bread house. the one amos decorated was eaten by ourselves and amos best friends, which came over on thursday afternoon.
and so we had to go on with more baking and this time elias made a set of plans for a churchbuilding with a steeple. and this time we also wanted to try making some "stained glass windows" with hard candy. even the church mouse "pipsi" had to be made and right away moved into the building.
this time we made all the gingerbread panes and went for a visit to our friends house. all the decoration in the bags, even eggwhite and powdered sugar to make the "glue". so finally yesterday afternoon we put the church together and decorated. it was super exciting and everyone got involved and lots of ideas were put together in that one church. and after dusk the bike light got put into the building and we all were delighted about the colourfull windows.

being together and building together was exciting, eating together will be the purpose of our next visit at our friends. it is sharing our life's, building community, working on relationships and growing closer to each other.
i am so very blessed with family and friends. living life, i know has not to be lived in haste and hurry, but with family and friends in community and led by scripture. yes indeed it is good to commune together and grow in patience and love and not just build on ginger bread houses but also build on community with our focus on christ.

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Christina said...

and we're the ones having the wonderful gingerbread church in our house and its smell in our noses. thanks for all your meticulous work and your generous friendship.
maybe the saying comes true that revenge is sweet...
love and peace, the bossis