November 13, 2012

yellow::leafs and lot's of them

are around me, all around the house, the neighborhood and i love them. especially when for a moment the sun is quickly appearing and some rays are floating through the gold still left up there on the trees.
there have been lots of happy moments yesterday with thea's birthday guests, lot's of laughter and phone calls, lot's of happy birthday singing, and of course she absolutely loved it to be the center of attention. the new skirt is being worn with different tops. there is lot's of twirling and whirling going on and very so often she disappears and is not being heard of for a while... i have discovered her with a new book, sitting still and studying it intently. for certain there is lot's of learning going on, it is such a wonderful gift a four year old in our house, the wondrous little person keeping us all in awe and often surprises us with a great joke which we all not understand but precisely because of it have to laugh out lout and love the golden moments.

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