November 27, 2012

the many scraps coming togehter

so here we go, i have been sewing a bit lately. it was a rewarding experience using up lots of scrap pieces now and then putting in a new piece. some of it from a pack i used mostly for the sweet's quilt some from naomi's top, way back when i was sewing a cover for our kitchen machine and then there is that african fabric.... i have been in possession for over 18 years, it had served so many purposes from room divider to piano backing and parts of it have been coming along on our road trip three years ago, when we drove across the us in our beloved shasta. so i'm very happy to share my sewing adventures with the very best friend i have, who has kept up with me for the past 26 years or so. we have not seen us very frequently once or twice a year, but we kept up writing, since we got out of high school we have been writing each other once a week...
thank you a.

sorry the cup cake is not for you, joel and i have already eaten it. though the friendship with you is as sweet and rich as a cup cake.

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