November 15, 2012

coco and candles

there has been a candle dipping afternoon for the boys. this is an every year returning big deal in our neighborhood. for four days the community center is set up for candle dipping. young and old go and enjoy the candle making, so did amos and his friends. of course naomi wanted to go too, but was not allowed....
she just broke out with chicken pox and for the next few days she will have to stay at home. just the "informed" can come and visit, but they do and that's wonderful. instead of going to the "dipping hall" i got her a block of wax and together with her friend they melt and make little candle boats. the nutshells have been collected over the course of last year and i quickly ran over to the hall to get some wicks. we improvised on the wicks bottoms, the tee light candle wicks have that aluminum bottom. ours didn't so we cut a little bit of card board and this served the girls well to hold the wick's up in the little boats.
after the boys got back we all enjoyed a cup of hot coco and one of the yummy ginger bread houses we have been working on yesterday afternoon. there will be more on our ginger bread endeavor soon to come.

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