November 8, 2012

the advents suit case

a couple weeks back while i was shopping i stumbled upon a set of little suit cases. they looked like they would endure being handled by kids for a a good while and i had already a little girl in mind for whom i would paint the fill one box. so there i was at home with the suit cases and the paint brush in hand. of course it was fun to get some rainbow happiness onto the case. to make the colour last a bit longer i put two coats of gloss acrylic gel over the paint.
and then there were many hands helping me to wrap 24 little advents presents and load them into the wonderful advents case. it's already in the mail, on it's way across the atlantic to our little friend.
what an exciting project for all of us and remembering back when we had an aunt and an uncle sending an advents calendar for many a year, to open little presents. i specifically remember one year, when the calendar was a long red velvet ribbon with 24 big wallnut shells being glued on (front and back of the ribbon, each one half of the whole shell) and in each shell there was something very tiny, very special. i do hope that this suit case full of little presents, all little pointers toward christmas will cause lots of joy and expectation to celebrate the birth of our savior jesus christ.


Anonymous said...

Love this!

steph said...

what a wonderful idea!!!!! thanks for sharing!