November 20, 2012

a walk and all it's wonders

going on a walk through the woods, finding the magic place called "moss-huegeli", building gnome forts and throwing the "ideal" spear as far as possible. having hiding competitions all along and tug of war with the rope one of us just could not leave at home... lot's of talking among friends and nature lovers. lot's of sharing be it one's secret hiding spot or deep feelings. there is really so much enjoyment, so much growing and watching the growth spurt going on. and in all this realizing, we really don't have to travel far, we just go for a walk in the near woods.
the kids were not super excited when we left the house, but soon some big games were played and everyone got involved with their enthusiasm. even me... i'm usually not the one running, though i'm walking along and watch and get involved when the moment strikes. helping thea through a thicket of brambles, rescuing her when stuck in the muck or lending a hand to a balancing girl when it gets slippery. this is life and we love it.

the last photo is a special for the ones who have visited us and know the castle kyburg, yes it is the kyburg right there in the middle. so please come back and visit again, i'm sure we will run through woods and visit castles once more....

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