March 21, 2013

at home and rambles

i'm so at home right now. this is good, it really has had to happen that i do feel at home. it's something like 3.5 years since our move from boston to "back home". which we knew would take it's time to arrive and feel what it sounds. though right now a friend from america is visiting, and we have a wonderful time. he brought along some wonderful yummy chocolate which i totally love and yes it makes me a feel tiny bit homesick... (thank you j)
spring is upon us, and there is so much going on in school for amos and naomi with a parent-visit-morning today, violin lesson for thea (which i totally blanked on) and our friend visiting wanting to show him around a bit....
and having the nadia shrug to cast on for saturday's train ride. together with my mother, i'm going to a gregorian chant workshop, which i'm really excited about.

so there we go, so much on my tray, there is a community dinner happening later today and you know what i don't have to do anything for it, not even setting the table! tomorrow night is the meeting of the foundation, by whom we are employed and "charged" to live our life in community at the "haus birkengarten", it's spring and i do feel energized and that is good.
and one more thing, i put my first power point presentation together..... i hope it will work out fine on monday night!
what an experience this is, i was shying away for so long to get started with all that computer show and tell, but i tackled it and i'm glad i did. maybe this is a launch into more, it's spring!

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