March 4, 2013

"nothing to do"

what a wonderful weekend, lots of sunshine and just hanging out together, playing games, colouring and knitting, reading and enjoying our family. i treasure those "nothing to do days". after a saturday of snowboarding, being at a long meeting and an even longer time riding the train to drop off kids and two different places and me going to a third place... o well, i'm so glad the swiss train system is extremely well connected and runs on time like clockwork.
spring is just around the corner, the sun is getting stronger and in our part of the country, the snow is almost all gone. i'm ready for spring and can't wait to not having to bundle up as much anymore. of course it's not just me, the kids start running around without gloves or mittens and for the today, going to school after lunch was "hat optional" which of course was well received!

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