March 25, 2013

camp fire in the cold

what to do with a sunday afternoon, a friend visiting and not realizing that it is freezing outside...
we geared up to have lunch at the camp fire, roasting sausages, bread, bananas and apples. i did take two bottles of hot tea along and we were very happy to have the hot beverage. i absolutely underestimated the weather. we had a sharp breeze blowing and it was cold.
the good thing though, we were invited for tea at a friends house mid afternoon. how wonderful is it to hike, make a fire and roast what ever you brought along. and before getting really super cold, slipping into a friends cozy living room and spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying the shelter of a house and good company.

thank you m&d

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Jessica Savage said...

Love campfires...sounds like you had a great sunday afternoon.