March 5, 2013

out in the "wildpark" and the mud

we could not resist the light and warmth of today's afternoon. there was no way we would stay indoors, unexpectedly my parents stopped by and we went out to the "bruderhaus wildpark", a little game park near by, tucked away in the woods of eschenberg. it was not just us walking in the sunshine and taking all there is in, who knows when the next day of warmth and bright spring sun we will be able to enjoy. we had a very bleak winter here in the lower parts of switzerland. in zurich it was measured that we had just 126 hours of sunshine in the past three months! (the average in past years was more like 178 hours)
i'm so ready for spring to really come, it is good though, we are now often "stuck in the muck" and i love this sign of winter ending and the thermometer is rising into double digits (celsius).
we missed seeing the wolfs, though their residency is just so vast and of course they know how to hid from us onlookers... there will be an other visit, we all loved it and i'm sure we will go back.

a few snow balls flew through the air and thea of course was all into it, that fun will soon end for this season... it's ok, it will be back soon enough and yes we will be having a hard time to wait for it coming november!

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