March 11, 2013

fully living

out and about yesterday afternoon. o it is good to be out in the woods and even better doing so in good company. with no plans for sunday afternoon, we had coffee after church with our friends and decided on the spot, that we would want to have an afternoon of fun in the near by woods.
there is not a lot of planning, just taking along some sausages and what ever else lends itself for a supper at the fire side. of course a hatchet, a couple ropes and the good mood we have started into sunday.
the kids were all excited and of course me too, as the sun was shining and a warm spring breeze was in the air. it really is the same spot we go with our friends, every time we are drawn to the same places to discover and play, make fires and just enjoy nature and each other. it never gets boring, not even the boys think so. this time they took buckets and little shovels along, with the intention to dig up clay from the little creek. a muddy soaking shoe was one high light, the felling of an old dried up tree a second and of course the camp fire for dinner was the best. with some rain though that didn't really hinder us in our enjoyement, the afternoon was going on into the evening and it was already dark when we all got home.

quickly showering and crawling into bed, made for good nights rest. all the kids where really exhausted, which i feel like a great achievement....
and even i went to bed early and loved the moment of reliving through this day of friendship and exuberantly living life!

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