March 27, 2013

getting ready for spring

all winter long we had those grand plans all winter (really the plans are over one year old....) to put a bird's nest swing up in our garden. our good friend the strong carpenter got us some wonderful beams, they look beautiful up mounted and resting in our birch tree. joel of course did lot's of planning and measuring and all the math, our friend brought the tools and the practical know how, together they are a wonderful team. i love to watch them, serve them a hot cup of coffee (the temperatures are just slightly above freezing, you can't feel that, by looking at the photos).
and now, with the beams resting in the tree and screwed together, we are just waiting for the temperatures to rise. it really needs to be a steady 5 days (and nights) with "warm weather", something above 38F, in order for the concrete to dry.
let there be spring!

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