March 13, 2013

the new toolbox

a couple days ago joel took the time to get a "bike fixing toolbox" together....
it was an interesting start, as it started out with a trouble. he could not find the needed wrench, and that was so tiresome that he took the spur of the moment to run to the store and get the "lost" wrench (you have to know we have about a dozen or more people using our tools and workbench).

i love the new tool box and even has a good assortment of parts in it too. the next time having to change an inner-tube there is a good chance that i find one and don't have to search through the whole garage or having to run to the mechanic.
amos bike also got fixed that afternoon and elias took care of his scooter. the chain of my bike got a cleaning and oiling, o it's running so smooth again and this in early spring. in earlier years it was at least mid april until i got to take care of my bike, after winter has taken a toll on it.

thank you joel for the great box.

ps: we put a lock on this great box and who ever want's to fix their bike is welcome to get the key, use the box and bring back the key...

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Jessica K said...

That last sentence made me laugh. Ah, the joys of living in community.