November 10, 2014

the fire in the woods

we all love autumn and even more, we all love to make and tend fires. to roast and cook over a fire and just sit, watch better say, stare into the fire.
and that is just what we did yesterday afternoon into the evening. of course the kids could not be convinced, that a hike a little bit further up in the toesstal could be fun, exciting and even sunny! they didn't mind the fog, they even loved the feel of autumn in their bones. well, what to do with a bunch of kids, teenager better say and friends as well as a wide open sunday afternoon.
"lets go and make a big fire in the woods" was the unison voice of the oldest child and so the other three were easily convinced. a phone call to our friends and preparations were in full swing.
a thermos with green tea, one with coffee, chestnuts and the needed pan to cook, marshmallows and apples, crackers and cookies amos and his colleague baked on friday had come along too.
some rope, a saw, the hatchet and of course fire lighters and paper.

we almost forgot the flashlights, but we didn't and that was a good thing, as it is getting dark early now. i even took my hexies along... just a moment of sitting and sewing, it calmes me down and makes me happy!

a good moment was spent in collecting mushrooms, we had an excellent fall this year. a wet summer and then warm and sunny october days. mushrooms all over the place, o and a wasp nest too...

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Such a beautiful way to spend time in the outdoors before it gets too cold. Have a wonderful week!! : )

~ Wendy