April 8, 2015

1st week of april

it's spring, really spring, with lots of water in the creeks and rivers. still cold mornings, and even freezing nights. my friend underestimated the temperature and all her tomatoe, zucchini and cucumber seedlings died over night in her hot house. it's more like a hoop house, not heated, but still closed up. my tomato seedlings are still in the living room, doing well and staying alive!
the days are getting warm and will stay sunny for the next few days, hurray!

we go for walks, i love the morning runs with still frost on the ground but warm sun beams greeting me!
that's life for me, at least the bright side. we are involved and figureing out how to help the kids with their projects and "construction sites" called school, or music, or relationships, or what ever else life brings along this spring. i'm glad non of us has been really sick this winter, at least for me, it must have been the wonderful fire water (master tonic) i made and drank every day, the second half of winter...

and now i enjoy all the bulbs i planted last fall, it's exciting to find out, that there is color and green and life in my little green or so far also brown spaces around the house.
and i'm planning summer, there are some special plans in the making for naomi. bur first is spring season.

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