April 2, 2015

berlin II

as promised, here the second set of photos from berlin. the top four are all taken at the dome, a wonderful classisistic building, which was destroied by bomb during world war II. it has been restored to perfection with all its stained glass windows, as well as the crypt of the hohenzollern. it's a massive building and we enjoyed it, especially as the organ was playing at twelf noon, introducing a 15 minute meditation.

and then of course the wall. what would berlin be without the wall. of course it's not there anymore in most places, but we went to the east side gallery and where impressed by it. thinking of this wall and it's impact made me very sober.

berlin is interesting and fascinating, so too the place we stayed, stadtkloster segen. a wonderful christian community which offers guest rooms. a very nice location at the schönhauser allee, and close to many sigths and restaurants. over all a good time with wonderful people in an exciting city.

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