April 9, 2015

"nüsslisalat" soup

 it's called nüsslisalat - lambs lettuce, and i love to eat it, as the name says an appetizer or also just as a rich salad. never have i been thinking of cooking the lettuce into soup. but why not, we cook bock joy and all other greens into warm dishes too. and so i came about, when i was leafing through a newer soup recipe book, this one to be precise. it's a really nice one and the two chefs presenting their kitchen are very special, a few weeks back our news paper was even carrying a a story.
i found the book in the library and had to take it home immediately. and it turned out to be an interesting one. a few more weeks, a few more soups on the table.
though for yesterday we had guests. i did promise them over 6 months ago, that i would serve soup and bread. though now it's spring and the sun already kind of "warmish", so i had to get creative. the most obvious would have been some type of wild garlic soup. the leafs are shooting up all over the forest floor, but then again, i wanted to be a bit more creative.
thanks to this soup book, i found what i wanted and it seemed easy enough to get started.

a quick and wonderful dinner was cooked up and everyone liked it. the white wine added a nice flavor and freshness to it. i would serve it again in no time. yummy.

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