April 15, 2015

the little garden

since november, i have a little garden in the front of the house. it's a raised bed which i got from the city's library. last year there was an urban gardening project in winterthur, and i really liked it. in particular "my" boxes in front of the library though the local library branch decided, that it was too much work for them, so they got rid of the boxes. to my advantage, as i was able to get on for myself!
i already planted bulbs before the first snow arrived. and it is really exciting to see them grow and bloom now. last week i got some lettuce and planted it also into the box, and today i decided to put some carrot seeds into the soil. it is just a little space and will not feed the whole family, but it is a bit of "feel good" vegetable production, beside the pure fun of it all.

then, there are the high school kids walking by in the morning, at noontime and again in the afternoon.... maybe it's wishful thinking, but i hope they are noticing what's going on under their noses. of course the girls love it and i do hope so much, that thea will one "steel" a carrot on her way to kindergarten in early summer! that would be just so perfect.

all photos by naomi

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Looks like the perfect little garden to me!! We're putting our house on the market in the next few weeks so I'm torn between doing a garden or maybe just container gardening instead so we can take our veggies with us when we move. : ) Have a beautiful rest of your day!! xo

~ Wendy