April 14, 2015

out and about

we went on a little hike this afternoon, just thea and me. it was perfect spring weather, already very warm, as we are still at the beginning of april. the spring flowers are all in full bloom, the little creeks and ponds are filled with water and just so inviting to jump in and wade in the ankle deep water.
lots of little flowers cover the banks of those waters running on the side of the path we took today. it was a path well known to me, as it's one i ran more than once a week over the past month. this was the initial motivation, as i was so excited to see spring to unroll all it's pretty grasses and flowers, i wanted to share this all with thea.

so as i asked her today at lunch, if she would be up for an adventure, she didn't hesitate. she loves to walk and even hike and if would carry the backpack with some treats, there is definitely a big smile and a loud yes, lets go!

it has been a long while, since i went with one child alone onto a bit of a "puddle stomper" experience, the more i enjoyed each and every minute of it. and so did she.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Isn't nice to be able to spend more time outdoors again? We've been doing the same here. Lovely photos!! xo

~ Wendy