April 1, 2015

berlin I

upon arriving in berlin, we had dessert on the  tv tower, breath taking view and delicious food. it was just the perfect start for a long weekend in this big city

lots of construction, and those misterious pink pipes in many places of the city. very interesting sights and still we could not find out for certainty what it those pink pipes are good for. never the less we enjoyed the bright pink when ever it appeared.

two very different faces of berlin. the first one is the bauhaus museum and archives, a wonderful place and so enjoyable when you want to enjoy fantastic bauhaus design. the second photo has been taken at the stasi museum at berlin lichtenberg. it is a whole block with the same type of buildings, it's huge and it has been all occupied by mfs employees, we got a big of the idea how it must have felt to be watched at all times and at all places.

there is just one word about the public transport, fantastic! wow the bus, subway and tram system are easy to navigate and run so frequent it was fun to travel in the city.
i liked berlin and will show a few more pictures tomorrow. mostly taken by joel.

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