April 29, 2015


we went to the puppet place in town, called the waaghaus. a wonderful place to see little and big plays with all kinds of puppets and ideas being interpreted very creatively.
thea has been with her kindergarten class a couple months ago and a while back i went with thea to see a whole series called "minimum"
an audience of kids and grown ups, all watching and listening to a good story. absolutely fixed on the wonderful puppets, this time a mouse, which wanted to fly, as the crow was teasing her... a frog leaping big leaps and showing the mouse "how he can fly" and the snail watching all of it. well of course there was much more to the storyline, and the two puppet players did such a wonderful job telling us the story, time was just flying by.

the puppet players really know their art and it's great how the kids could interact with the puppets after the play, of course that was super exciting.
for us, a wonderful wednesday afternoon together with theas friend, which has been at a show for the first time, and really liked it too.

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