December 25, 2017

24th is christmas eve

and we celebrate with family, friends and housemates. once more we also had guests on short notice, strangers, people to me unknown. this time around, i delivered my cards and presents on the 23rd, as it was sunday, today on christmas eve. it first seemed strange, but turned out to work out just fine. i love this time of year. it is wonderful to pass on blessings and the joy of christmas to people walking passt me and giving them an extra smile.
the joy of celebrating the birth of jesus is a wonderful moment in the year. getting a tree and having the girls decorate it was easy and exciting this year. cooking was quick and everyone loved the food (some with mushrooms and some without, a thinking ahead of me helped greatly).
playing many rounds of "meiern" was the substitute for an outdoor hiding game the kids played in past years. and maybe this sticks again for the next 8 years...

in the next few days, we are visiting family, different locations, different people and maybe some old traditions well stay on (i do like traditions) and some are toppeled and new once are added. i can tell you more by the end of this coming week!

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