December 18, 2017

ramblings at the beginning of the week

we got a wonderful snowy start today. nothing crazy or wild, just a lovely flurry white morning. not so fun for the boys having to ride their bikes to work/school, but still ok. better than rain and cold winds!
my run was fantastic, a bit slower as usual, as the paths are not plowed where i run, it definitely felt more of a trail run this morning. considering though, to be back within an hour and able to take a warm shower as well as slipping dry socks on my feet, it was perfect.

and then, there was the afternoon adventure. like every monday, thea and myself are in town for neuro feedback followed by her cello lesson. but today was different, we had two whole hours to kill between the two lessons. as we were planning it already at the beginning of december, when they put up the "ice" rink, thea wanted to skate. today was the day, she could skate as much as she liked and we even had the time for stop at her favorit restaurant in the city.
they serve some wonderful french fries and of course yummy ketchup and mayo, which she doesn't get at home...

for my part, i was kind of cold, standing at the side of the rink and absolutely enjoyed my peppermint-ginger tea. fresh herbs, fresh roots, well that was perfect.

there is still a lot of crafting and preparations to be done in the next few days, but my morning runs will help me to keep the thinking straight and the doing thorough and quick.

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