December 6, 2017


as i told you earlier, the christmas cookie making has just begun...

and yes there have been two more times i have (we have) been working on cookie baking and assembly. this one was just super pretty, so i had to take a few pictures. the "spitzbuben" are the most difficult kind of christmas cookie, if you ask me. but my family decided that they really wanted to enjoy them, so naomi was the chef this time. i made the dough, she rolled and cut and counted the pieces and then the assembly was left to me.
and for an other year, i would do this again, naomi has done a perfect job and the assembly was easy and relatively quick. and i'm sure soon enough we all will enjoy the delicately put toghether "spitzbuben".

thank you naomi for all the work.

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Anonymous said...

Some kinds of Sablés are worse, if you ask me. :-) Maybe I should give them a re-try this year and have you taste some!
Love, Christina