December 19, 2017

under cover

it is slowely coming to a halt, winter is with us and it looks like we will be stuck with it. fine with me, i don't mind. the morning run was a bit of a run in the slush, but with a second pair of sneekers, i will be fine running tomorrow morning. maybe, i don't  even go! most wednesdays i don't run, as i have to be out of the house by 8:25am and with thea leaving a quarter to eight, it's too much of a squeez, as that i would take the challenge on.
one of the running aspects, at least for me is, it must be fun. not when i step out of the door, but 10 minutes into running, i must be able to find joy in the running itself. and so far so good, there was one week, when i was insured. an other ,when i was sick, while the explanation was easy, i didn't stick with my rules and just added to many task and appointments into the fourth week of november. there was school and 6 evenings of the week i was out of the house!
it will not happen again, i have to be on the watch and just learn to say no. but all that sad, the snow helps to stay put and yes "be under cover" at least for a moment.

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