December 31, 2017

end of year

the year 2017 is ending, not with a big bang and lots of smoke, but rather uneventful and kind of slow. this is absolutely fine with me, yup more than alright. i didn't need more excitement after last weeks fire on our kitchen table.

a fire, which by the way i didn't even see burning, just discovered the result of it all, but was definitely consuming. it hit deep and beside trembling and fright what could have happened, i was deeply moved and thankfull to the Lord and his angels for the protection of the sleeping boy upstairs as well as the whole home of ours, which could have burnt down within less than half an hour.
maybe, not just maybe, but for certain there is a gem hidden in all this. i'm sure of that and i will find it, maybe not right now but in the time to come.

in this spirit: "good by" 2017, i enjoyed a lot of what you dropped on my path and thank you Lord, for all the gems i discovered and was able to collect in my basket.

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