December 28, 2017

before :: after

all through advent we enjoyed the light from our four candles, hope-love-joy-peace and then there was that little red one, which thea put on the wreath at the end of the third week of advent. it brought us a lot of enjoyment and i often just took the opportunity of still. be and enjoy, get ready and keep hoping. longing for christ, for healing for peace for justice!
the time of advent is so much a time of getting ready, not just the decoration of the house for christmas, but my heart, my inner being. taking the opportunities of moments all by myself in the light of advent, the precense of God.

and then there was christmas day, we got up earlier than usual on a regular sunday and for some reason, the morning routine was all scrambled. more time on hand than used, so i lit the little candle and read a storie to thea. the church bells started calling and we all hurried out of the house (no need to hurry, but the bell's just get me going and moving, leaving the house and walking to church longing for my greater christian community). i didn't look back and forgot the little candle...
upon coming home shortly before noon, i already smelled the fire from far away (one of the big kids was already home and airing the house....). it was a shock, as i am absolutely aware, that the whole house could have burnt down within 15 minutes, if it would have cought fire.
o it rattle through me and now, a couple days later, i can barely think of it all. but by God's grace and protection i'm thankful for the roof over my head.

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Alicia said...

Oh my!! How scary, we have all had that experience of an iron or a stove left on, or a candle. I am so glad that your wreath was safely in a dish & that no one & nothing was really harmed. Lots of love to you all for a happy, healthy New Year!