December 7, 2017

st. nikolas

it was st. nikolas day last night, and we had a little bit of celebration to do. though the boys and joel were out of the house, naomi sick in bed, thea and i decided to visit the "advents window" at a friends house just around the corner.
there we enjoyed a wonderful cup of spiced wine and all kinds of yummy cookies and tangerines.

at home i put a bowl with all kinds of goodies together, of course peanuts and tangerines were a must, as this is the traditional st. niklaus bounty. i bought the tangerines at gebana, they are directly from greece, picked 10 days ago and have a wonderful flavor.
the chocolates are all fair trade and some are local (of course not the cocoa), the confiseur and baker lehmann has a great selection of treats, his chocolate products are just so delicious. it is a wonderful time of year, the season of advent brings wonderful foods along and the long evenings are transformed into cozy and comfortable times to just be and sip on a big mug of chai.

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