July 19, 2018

apricots and more jam

i visited my parents and their neighbor has an apricot orchard. the fruit are just about now ripe and ready to be eaten. four weeks ago a big hail storm hit the orchard and there is lots of harmed fruit. i don't mind and we all like apricots, especially the local ones. my dad and thea went over to the farm store and bought 1kg, thea didn't even wait until they were home, she tried the fruit and absolutely liked it. within no time there were four apricots eaten. we quickly decided to go over again and buy a lot more to cook jam and eat as much as we liked.
it turned into a 2 hour jam cooking adventure, my dad and thea cut the fruit. and together with my mother we cooked and addes this and that for different flavors. one batch was with oranges (damaged ones from the little store in town) an other batch was mixed with peaches.

and for the pleasure of using up old fruit, we cooked a batch of old banana and overly ripe kiwi. with that one, we added a little bit of williams (pear "brant wine"), just for a jinx of flavor. i liked it fresh from the stove, and we will see later how it will taste when cold and on a buttered bread.

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