July 5, 2018

single girl week I

starting a summer project is super exciting!
the single girl quilt by denyse schimdt has been on my desk, off my desk put away in a drawer and now back on my desk for a couple weeks. i picked it up again and for real yesterday. copyed the template and started to rummage through my stash. this is so super exciting and makes me want to go all day. even though i am absolutely aware of all other things and for today i did do other things, there will be that day in the near future. the day i just cut and sew and put together and enjoy and iron and what ever has to be done on this project.
there have been summer quilts and other summer projects like this in the past years. like the granny square quilt in 2013 or the crochet blanket in 2012. and last year it was the target quilt for amos.

so here we go and i'm very happy about today and how it all went, very productive!

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